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What is the difference between Regular Juice VS Cold-Pressed Juice?

Regular juice is made from fast spinning metal blade which separates juice from flesh via centrifugal force, the problem is that the spinning blades generate heat, which destroys some of the enzymes, the heat also oxidizes these nutrients. Cold Press Juice is made by pressing fruits and vegetables, this process produces no heat, thus maintaining most of the nutrients. This process presses the cell walls to release all the phytochemicals and nutrients inside. Almost all nutrients are extracted using this process leaving a very dry pulp unlike the centrifugal juicers that leave a very wet pulp with many nutrients still remaining.

What are the benefits of juicing?

Our body needs nutrients and minerals on daily basis, it's easier to get them from juices because they contain the liquid of so much fruit and vegetables that you would not be able to eat in one sitting. Cold Pressed Juicing removes the fibre from the produce leaving pure nutrients. Fibre is a great nutrient for digestive health, however it does slow the absorption down of nutrients into the blood stream. This means that the vitamins, minerals and enzymes from juices are almost immediately absorbed into the blood and carried around the body. Digesting takes a lot of energy for the body to do, so having a juice allows your body to focus on other things such as cleansing, detoxifying, repairing and getting to the jobs it needs to instead of digesting, digesting, digesting! Juicing is highly alkaline on the body, especially when using green leafy vegetables and citrus & it allows you to consume large amounts of raw vegetables which contain loads of nutrients in a single glass!

How many days will the juices remain fresh?

Ega cold-pressed juices are made fresh without any additives, they can remain fresh for three days if kept sealed and properly refrigerated. Please keep them cold at all times. If any of our juices do not taste fresh, do not drink them. Simply bring them back to the store for a free replacement

What if I get really hungry?

If you get really hungy, take half tea spoon of turmeric powder mix with hot water and drink.

Are there any side effects?

Many people experience few if any symptoms during a cleanse. Experiencing these symptoms is indicative of the cleanse working and toxins leaving your body. In fact, the more toxins there are to be eliminated, the more/stronger the symptoms you experience. These feelings typically pass within the first three days of your detox. You may feel weak, flu like symptoms, nausea etc. These occur because the vegetables and fruits are working to cleanse the liver. You should not stop consuming the juices because the symptoms will stop once the liver is cleansed. You can experience headaches, possible vomiting and minor aches and pains, yellow discoloration of the skin . This means that the person is releasing poisons and is a sign of recovery. You should keep sipping hot water between juices to help remedy some of these symptoms. Take Triphala at night for cleansing the stomach to get additional benefit of cleanse. Adding a pinch of Himalayan pink salt (never regular salt) to your juice or herbal tea may help with feelings of fatigue. If you see any red coloring in your stool or urine, it may be due to drinking beet juice. If you have any medial concerns, please consult your physician.

How do I end my cleanse?

Do not immediately return to eating solid foods! Take your time and ease into your normal diet. In the first 24 hours after your cleanse, avoid all processed food (foods that have preservatives, are pasteurized, have added sugar or coloring, fast food etc.), sushi, dairy products, eggs, sugar, meat, chicken, or even fish. Also stay away from most starches (potatoes, cereals, wheat and rice). Finally, avoid all caffeinated drinks (sodas, coffee, black tea, etc.), alcoholic beverages, and condiments such as ketchup, sauces and artificial flavoring. For breakfast, try fresh juices or fruit such as apple, mango, melon, cantaloupe, and watermelon. Try not to mix your fruits. Eat them one at a time with a minimum of 90 minutes in between. You can continue to have fruits and juices during the day. For lunch, try having a balanced green salad or freshly cooked light meal with such ingredients as greens (the leafier and darker the better). For dressing, you may have lemon juice and virgin organic olive oil. You will find this a delightful and tasty replacement for salad dressing. For dinner, you may have a balanced green salad similar to lunch, or a vegetable soup made with turmeric and black pepper or some lighly steamed vegetables.

Questions or concerns?

If you have any type of current medical conditions, allergies or are on any type of medication please consult your doctor prior to beginning your cleanse. If you have any questions regarding the cleanse, feel free to visit us or contact our juicers directly.

It is important that you drink all of the juices and waters that come in your Ega Detox cleanse package. Cutting back will actually impede the cleansing process. Consider the cleanse to be a treat for the body, not a punishment! Enjoy your experience and dont worry or stress about it. Please read the following to ensure a safe and successful cleaning process.

What to expect when you start your juice fast?

1-3 Day Juice Fast: Feeling a little tired and hungry is normal. These are typical reactions to the beginning of the cleansing process. You may also experience some weakness and irritability. Dry brushing will improve circulation to ease lightheadedness and will also open pores to allow you to sweat, accelerate the cleansing process. Try a light physical activity such as walking or yoga. Go outside and get some fresh air to relieve stress! These first 3 days your body is the most sensitive. Don’t indulge in strenuous activity or exercise vigorously.

4-5 Day Juice Fast: Your hunger will start to subside, but you may still feel sensitive as the toxins are still moving through your body, The best thing for you at this time are hotshowers, steams and continuing your dry brushing and body scrubs. You will begin to feel stronger, more vibrant, lively and energetic!

6-7 days: Your energy will continue to increase! Your body will have an enhanced sense of health and well-being. Your skin will begin to glow. The last of the toxins are leaving your body. Day 7: Congratulations! Your body will finally be cleansed of toxic buildup that has been weighing you down physically and mentally. You may find yourself feeling clear minded, having heightened senses, and a connection with your mind, body, and spirit.

Day 7: Congratulations! Your body will finally be cleansed of toxic buildup that has been weighing you down physically and mentally. You may find yourself feeling clear minded, having heightened senses, and a connection with your mind, body, and spirit.